To conform with the article l211-1 insurance code, the french law obligate that all vehicles are insured with minimum (Responsabilité Civile = RC) for the year by the proprietor. This includes prepared vehicles for competition use, homologated and prototypes.
Each participant for Box23 events engage formally to have the correct insurance in place for this obligation.

If your insurance does not cover RC to practise on track, then Box23 can offer a specialist insurance for this.

Do not have insurance RC?
For those who do not have personal RC insurance for circuit riding, Box23 have negotiated with a specialist partner, for riding on track without competition or timing, available for purchase for all events proposed.

Guarantees of RC daily insurance:
The formula "RC CIRCUIT": guarantee with limited traffic to use on tracks, circuits, including paddocks, closed roads or other places closed to public traffic, approved or not, in France or in Europe, for tests private, training, driving days, and during loading and unloading operations at any place, civil defense and criminal defense and recourse.
The loading and unloading operations can be carried out on a place open to public traffic (example of the insured who can not do otherwise than to unload his vehicle in the street, in front of his home, then to return it in his property). Exclusion of material damage between participants during circuit racing.
Franchise 450 €.
Price: 15€ / day

The subscription for daily RC or IA insurance is to be completed at the time of sign-on, the morning of the event.

Individual accident 

Box23 Organisation has negotiated for its customers an offer individual accident optional for the practice of motorcycle riding on circuit, without competition, as a driver or passenger, this guarantee is offered to you by the day and is sold by the administration team at the sign-on.

The guarantees of the individual accident at the day:
- Accidental death during a day on the circuit: capital € 10,000

- Total permanent disability following an accident (percentage applicable according to scale in case of partial permanent disability): capital € 25,000 with 10% excess

- Medical expenses following an accident during a day on the track: maximum amount of 1500 € with excess at 40 €
Price: 10€ / day

The subscription for daily RC or IA insurance is to be completed at the time of sign-on, the morning of the event.

FFM licence For drivers who do not have a license from the french motorcycle federation (like ACU licence in the UK) and who wish to obtain one, you must contact a motorcycle club affiliated to the FFM. Only affiliated club motorcycles can issue you this license.

Box23's racing days do not include any notion of race and timing competition and are run on circuits approved by the FFM.